Upcoming show

Nalla and Bjorn celebrate Christmas
Come and see when Nalla and Bjorn open their gifts in their cosy livingroom. Watch their kitchen just when all the cakes an cookies are ready….
Form/Design Center in Malmö until January 5th , 2014.

Form/Design Center in Malmö

The exhibition with interiours from the books with Nalla and Bjorn will be shown at the Frenne Gallery in Torekov in July 13-20. The gallery is situated close the harbour in the Tourist Office. Besides books and postcards there will be soft animals in wool and velours for sale. Welcome!

Tourist Office in Torekov


Nalla and Björn

An exhibition with the four settings from the book “Nalla and Björn build a kite”. I have collected tiny things for years to go with my bears and their friends. Things that can’t be found I make myself. A toothbrush for kids is transformed to a brush for washing the dishes, small plastic tops used on hairspray containers are perfect for drinking glasses etc. An air of retro can be sensed in the interiours where Nalla and Björn act just as in the book.

Form/Designcenter, Lilla Torg in Malmö, April 15-May 15





Hugglets Teddies 2011
Sunday, September 11
Kensington Town Hall, London


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