Wooly animals

The first collection of wooly animals was made in 2001 and new designs are made gradually. The material is knitted wool, valkenloden, which is dyed home at the stove in a large pot made for restaurants. The shades come out different from time to time. The wooly fabric is elastic in both ways so the animals can be shaped when they are stuffed. Wool is used as stuffing, sometimes combined with small bags with glass pellets which make the creatures heavy.

Sometimes a skeletton of metal wire is used so the arms, legs, snails etc can be posed. Plastic joints are used otherwise. The eyes are made of glass and the noses/mouths are emroidered. Some models have painted features or spots.

All clothes are made of the same knitted wool, some designs have settings made of handwoven fabrics and ribbons. The buttons are carefully choosen to each design. Most of all, less is moore!

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